Sailing from Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida
August 6th – 13th, 2023

I have developed this informational document to gain an understanding and headcount of those interested in traveling as a group on the upcoming cruise in August of 2023 on the Royal Caribbean Wonder of the Seas cruise ship. Below you will find the cruise itinerary and outline of key points to provide insights and/or address any immediate questions.

Please click on the link to access a video tour of the cruise ship here.


How to book the Cruise:

Each cabin price is based on double occupancy (2 people in each cabin), that will have to pay a deposit of $250.00 per person or $500.00 per cabin.

The deposit must be made within a specified time frame to hold the selected cabin type. You will get a price list of the different cabins reserved for our group (Interior, Ocean View, and Balconies – Ocean, Central Park, and Boardwalk).

To make your reservations, you will call the toll-free number and follow the prompts for group reservations. You will give the group number and proceed to make your cabin choice for the cruise.

Transportation to the Cruise Ship:

You have several choices on how to travel to the port of departure.

  1. You can book airfare to the nearest airport to the port of departure for the day of the sailing and the return upon completion of the cruise.
  2. You can book airfare, and a hotel stay for a day or more before the cruise departure date, and for the return upon completion of the cruise. I usually arrive a day before and stay over in a hotel, then go to the departure port via Port Shuttle.
  3. You can plan to drive to the port of departure and park at the Port of Canaveral Terminal. This is not my recommendation because of difficulties that could be encountered from your home to Florida.
  4. If you do not drive to the port, there are shuttle services from the airports and nearby hotels to the dock.

Documents needed for The Cruise:

  • Everyone will need a valid Passport for Cruise and Air Travel (please confirm it does not expire before the cruise).
  • Everyone will need original vaccination card/documentation, as of this writing, to board airplanes and the ship.
  • Everyone will need a government picture Identification card such as a Driver’s License, Official Work ID, or any other formal picture ID.

Luggage and carry-on Baggage for The Cruise:

You should pack lighter than you would if you stayed at a resort. You will be carrying everything you bring yourself. These items will be delivered to your cabin and picked up upon departure from the ship, but you will have to move them to the airport or whatever mode of transportation you use. Remember, weight restrictions on airplanes will add cost to your travel. You will buy souvenirs that add to your luggage weight.

Luggage tags for the ship will be made available for you to print out (In Color) with instructions on how to attach them to your suitcases that need to be taken on the ship. This is luggage that will be checked in at the dock. Tipping is encouraged to the baggage handlers. Your luggage will be delivered to your cabin because each person must clear the ship’s clearances and take a picture.

The estimated cost for the different types of cabins with taxes and port charges included based on double occupancy are:

Ocean Balcony – $1,827.47 per person

Central Park Balcony – $1,669.47 per person

Boardwalk Balcony – $1,604.47 per person

Ocean View – $1,447.47 per person

Interior Cabin – $1,310.47 per person

These prices are subject to change based on future specials and promotions.

For more information about the specialty restaurants and other amenities, click here.