Church History

Organized in 1887, Emmanuel Baptist Church has been a place of worship for over 107 years, touching the lives of many. Emmanuel stands as a testament to the faith, hope and love that is found through Jesus Christ. Emmanuel is a member of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., the National Capital Baptist Convention of Washington, DC and Vicinity, the Potomac River Baptist Association, the American Baptist Churches of the South, and the Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention.

The Early Years

The Emmanuel Baptist Church was organized in 1887 by Reverend Jesse A. Taylor, Georgiane Harrison, Geneva Taylor, and five other persons. Until a permanent structure could be built on the present site, the members worshipped within various homes. In 1893, a brick building was erected. Reverend Taylor remained in leadership until his death in 1922. From that time until 1930, three men served as interim pastors: Reverend Coleman, Reverend Miller and Reverend Starks. In 1931, Reverend Claggett W. Ward was called as the pastor of Emmanuel. Under his leadership various congregational organizations and choirs were developed. Through his efforts, Emmanuel joined with the Allen A.M.E. Church and the Young’s Memorial Church of Christ Holiness in holding the first joint Thanksgiving service which continues to the present. In the 1940’s a program to purchase property surround the church was initiated to accommodate growth and vision of ministry. Reverend Ward entered into eternal rest on March 26, 1974.

Continuing The Vision

Reverend Willie J. Mason was called as pastor in May 1975. Under his leadership several programs and Annual Day celebrations were instituted. Emmanuel celebrated its first Church Anniversary, the 90th. Land was purchased to facilitate building expansion and an Education Center. Reverend Mason vacated the pulpit in 1984.

Over the years Emmanuel continues to be blessed tremendously. In 1986, Emmanuel installed Reverend Clinton W. Austin as pastor. Within this year Emmanuel’s Education Center was completed. The pastor and congregation set forth new goals and objectives to develop ministries that would specifically address the needs of the changing community. The ministries are continuous in the areas of religious and secular education, health awareness, and outreach ministry services. Emmanuel operates an after-school program, Project Spirit and a Summer Camp that serves primarily neighborhood children. Emmanuel is a member of the Church Association for Community Service and the Collective Cooperative Banking Group.

Emmanuel has undertaken bold initiatives and have seen them to fruition. In 1993 the church adopted the theme, “Come Grow With Us and Establish a Blessed Family.”

The 21st Century

Under the leadership of the pastor and officers, Emmanuel continues to maintain a commitment to serving the Lord through strengthening the structure of the family. The collective ministries of the church have and will continue to move forward through the power of the Holy Spirit. We press onward knowing that God Is With Us and “We’ve come this far by faith.”

Pastors and Leadership

Over the past 107 years Emmanuel Baptist has been served by visionary pastors and leaders. Reverend Jesse A.Taylor 1887-1922, 1930-1931 Reverend Coleman, Reverend Miller and Reverend Starks(interim pastors), Reverend Claggett W. Ward 1931-1974, Reverend Willie J. Mason 1976-1983, Reverend Rudolph Keys 1984-1986 (Interim Pastor), Reverend Dr. Clinton W. Austin 1986-Present.