The mission of the Christian Education Ministry is to help equip the congregation to efficiently fulfill her task of making disciples and growing them into Christian maturity. This task is accomplished by providing continuing Christian education through specialized Biblical Instruction, by providing in-service training for disciples currently involved in ministry, and by providing opportunities for disciples not engaged in ministry to make “informed” choices bases on the study and spiritual gifts. The CE Ministry’s purpose is to extend the church’s education ministry, to vitalize her spiritual impact, to evaluate and improve educational outcomes and to unify the education program. The Sunday School, the Congregational Bible Study, the Family Bible Study Institute and the Prayer Service are some of the major components of the CE Ministry.

Fall Bible Study 2019

EBC Study the Bible Yourself 2019

EBC Philemon 2019

Fall Session 1 (Family Bible Study 2018)

Historical and Theological Overview of James

Who is James?

James Class Questions

Winter  Session 2 (Family Bible Study 2018)

Romans Overview Slides

Wiersbe Commentary on Romans

Schedule and Outline for Romans

Fall 2018 Session 1 (Family Bible Study)

Evangelism 30-day Devotional

Wiersbe Commentary on Acts

Acts Overview Slides

Falls Class Schedule

Keeping It Real Bible Study

Keeping It Real Session 1

5 Lies Christians Believe About Sex

Teach Me Tonight


Keeping It Real Session 2

Why Christians Need to Talk More About Sex


Keeping it Real Session 3

5 Things Every Christian Need to Know about Sex

Keeping it Real Discussion Questions


Keeping it Real Session 4

Ignite Your Faith 5 Rules for Social Media Sanity


Keeping it Real Session 5

The Influence of the Church Session 5