Nurse’s Ministry

As dedicated Christian church nurses living a life filled with God’s spirit, our mission is to project God’s image through serving God’s people, wherever and whenever needed.  We serve on a humanitarian basis to assist worshippers when needed, to give urgent necessary first aid and to impart general advice on problems of health that will help Christians understand the relationship between spiritual and physical well-being.

  1. Serve the Pastor and help ensure his comfort before and after preaching.
  2. Provide blood pressure screenings quarterly.
  3. Provide assistance and care to others who have basic health needs, relying on ministry volunteers who are appropriately trained, but also knowledgeable about when to call for other medical professionals.
  4. Educate members on health, medication, and good nutrition.  We seek to encourage a healing relationship with God.
  5. Respond to medical emergencies that may occur during worship services.

* Note: At least one member of the ministry will be on duty at any EBC worship service and Homegoing service whether the deceased is a member or not of Emmanuel.