The mission of the stewardship ministry is to create givers, develop Christ-centered stewards; training people to be biblically debt-free and become tithers and savers.

  1. Review the committee’s purpose, areas of concern, and basic responsibilities in the matters of stewardship.
  2. Study what the Bible teaches about stewardship including giving.
  3. The study, identify and write out the mission of the church.
  4. Seek to understand the church’s stewardship needs.
  5. Work with Budget (Finance) Committee on the proposed annual budget.
  6. Plan and calendar the emphases and opportunities that will best help the church promote the annual church budget and faithful giving.
  7. Seek the cooperation of other church leaders and use all existing channels of the church to communicate biblical stewardship truths, with emphasis on personal stewardship and spiritual growth.
  8. Become familiar with and determine the best available methods and resources for implementing planned stewardship activities.
  9. Be sensitive to stewardship needs that are unique or that do not occur regularly.