Men’s Ministry

The Men of Emmanuel’s ministry is to help the men through prayer and study to become totally committed to the advancement of God’s Kingdom, and through volunteer service to help improve the quality of life for our families, for our brothers and sisters at Emmanuel and our communities. The Men of Emmanuel will accomplish its objectives through participation in studies just for the men, through prayer services, through workshops, a youth mentoring program, and ex-offenders reentry program, a legal affairs program and such other programs and activities as may be adopted from time to time. Ephesians 3:16-19

  1. Build the men of EBC on the firm foundation of the Word of God
  2. Prepare young men for all phases of manhood and the roles that men may face. 
  3. Prepare men to do the work of the ministry while providing opportunities for worship, instruction, fellowship, and evangelism.
  4. Provide instruction in His Word for how men are to perform in all roles of manhood to include being a man of the community, husband, father, leader, or ministry servant.
  5. It is the role of the elder men to pass on the wisdom of God’s Word to the younger men with intentional mentoring and training.